Offset Printing

Unique Litho has 4 Heidelberg presses: two 13"x19" 2-color presses, a 4-color 14"x20" press and a 6-color 20"x29" press. The larger format allows us to impose several pages on the sheet, saving you both time and money. The 6-color perfecting press also has an aqueous coater, so separate handling is unnecessary for coating and protecting your material.

  • 100% direct to plate system. This thermal plating technology eliminates chemical processing and its impact on the environment.
  • High image quality. Offset printing uses ink while digital printing uses toner. Ink is able to create finer lines, smaller dots, and richer colors creating a sharper finished product.
  • Special inks and coatings. There is a large variety of specialty inks available with offset printing, including fluorescent and metallic inks. There are also special coatings, including spot or flood high gloss and flat satin-matte UV finishes. These specialty inks and coatings can dramatically change the mood of your project.
  • Affordable large quantity orders. Offset is the most economical way to print high quantity orders. The unit cost goes down as the quantity goes up.