Recent Sales Postcard 8.5 x 5.5

We offer a variety of Recent Sales postcards. These postcards are a great way to keep prospects up to date on local market activity. The recipients will also become more familiar with you as a real estate professional.

We will personalize the postcards and get them printed in approximately 2 business days from art approval. Please select the template you like best, provide the photos and verbiage to include and we’ll get to work for you!

Design Fees:

The minimum art fee for these templates is $25. The $25 covers (18 minutes) us adding your contact information, your professional photo, and the photos and verbiage for the home. The verbiage on the templates can be modified to meet your needs.

Colors, fonts and the general layout can be modified to suit your needs and that art time is billed pro rata at $84/hour. The bottom line is that the templates are designed to make the design process easy and cost effective. If you instruct us to make significant changes to the original design or request multiple changes after the first proof is provided, the design fee will increase. To save time and money, please follow these guidelines:

1. Submit the correct amount of photos for the template you chose. (If you pick a template with four photo spaces, please send us four photos.)
2. Send the best PRINT QUALITY, full resolution photos that you have access to.
3. Estimate how much copy you have, and make sure it will reasonably fit into the space allotted on the template.
4. Proofread your copy before you send it.
5. Send clear, written art direction for any modifications to the templates.

If you have concerns about the design fee for an upcoming order, please give us the details and ask us ahead of time for an estimate.